Friday, 31 December 2010

Thank you Santa!!

  I have spent most of the last few days having a good sort out.  I now have a large unit, in the form of a mechanics tool box!! on wheels to put the majority of my beads, stones, crystals, cabs, tools etc etc in.  As a result of the opening of many tubs and pots I have found lots of goodies that I had forgotten about!! - Don't let my other half hear me say that or it will fuel his "Is there really a need to buy anymore" arguement!!!  He just doesn't understand that there is ALWAYS a NEED for more! ha ha ha.  The only things that were thrown into the bin were old pots and tubs. It would have been far too painful to throw any beads etc away.  Even my 18 month old learnt to say the word 'bead' several months ago!!!  Helped by the fact that when the post arrives no matter what I am doing I head for the door shouting 'beads'!! - As does she now!!!  Oh well there are far worse obsessions!!  I kept the Seaglass out and decided that I would make a few pieces today, as I hadn't used any for quite a while.

I love Seaglass and the mystery it holds. To think, the centre piece of this pendant was once, possibly decades ago serving a practical purpose and being handled by somebody somewhere.  To be cast into the sea and the hands of mother nature.  To emerge from the water and begin yet another the centre piece of this pendant!
The best part for me is the mystery!...Where did it begin life? and as what? Who cast it into the ocean? and from where? How far has it traveled? How long was it beneath the Sea?.......

I have also made a hammered afghanistan jade pendant and earrings today.  I enjoy hammering, it is surprising how much stronger the wire can become by hammering it! The textures it leaves are great and the design possibilities are endless!! 

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