Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Time flies........

when you're having fun, or as Tigger says "Times fun when you're havin' flies"!!!

Anyway, I don't really know where the last week has gone.  I have spent a lot of time doing 'non-creative' things!  We have looked at a few houses.  One which made me very thankful for what we have and made me realise that things could be a whole lot worse as far as neighbours go!!!!!....and the other which made me want to start packing and move in immediately!! It is surrounded by fields and the garden was bursting with birds!!  I envisaged myself sitting in a 'hide' type workshop, camouflaged with the landscape.  I wouldn't know whether to create or take photographs!!  It was gorgeous, but will have to wait and see if it is meant to be!

Vienna has had kittens which was more than a surprise, I thought she had put a little weight on but not enough to account for four furries!! Sadly, one didn't make it, but (touch wood!) at the moment she has three furries climbing over her!!

Creatively I haven't done very much at all.  I found a new bead shop yesterday, and of course felt compelled to buy several packets!!  Today I will be printing off new posters for the next workshop.  I have been doing a little more soldering, working with copper.

Fur babies - BORN 25/03/11

Copper Fish Pendant

'Charlie' Copper Pendant
Sitting by the window with snippers in one hand and copper sheet in the other I couldn't for the life of me decide what to make. As I stared out of the window my focus landed on Charlie!!
I got Charlie when he was around 16 weeks old. When I first saw him he was in a relatively small cage in a very large pet store. I walked over to the cage to see him and he put his head down almost as if for me to rub his nose. When I enquired about him I was told he had been bought from the store when he was 12 weeks old and returned as he kept attacking(!) the small child in his new home. I asked the lady to open the door and he came straight over to me nuzzled my hand and nudged me to stroke his nose!! Hardly a savage beast. He came home with me and is the best behaved bunny you could ask for!!
This was the first go I have had at annealing and I dont really think my torch is the best type for it. He has some beautiful metalic purples though.

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