Monday, 18 April 2011

Grrr angry with myself for being away so long!!!

I promised myself when I set up my blog that I would be here regularly!!  I have given myself a giant kick up the backside and told myself in no uncertain term that it mustn't happen again!!! Count myself told!!

Anyway, what have I been up to since last posting.......

'Safe Travels'
Viking weave is really quite addictive once you have the bug!!!  I thought I would have a go at incorporating it into a bracelet without making it THE bracelet!!  I love Tigers Eye, which is said to be a great talisman for travellers.

My first go at Polymer Clay these swirled Lentils were fun to make.  Below you will see some other lentils which sit patiently waiting for their turn to become something pretty! ha ha

If you are thinking of having a go at these or indeed polymer clay you will find some absolutley fantastic ideas here:
This was created using a Titanium Druzy crystal - It's a beauty!!  This is an original Lisa Barth design - I simply followed instructions! ha ha

This is a picture of Vienna and her babies thrown in for good measure!!  Thought you might like to see how they are progressing!!  Their eyes are open now.  Their ears are no longer folded flaps and they are beginning to venture a little way from mum.  I will add some better ones of babies soon!
These satisfied another urge to create using viking weave!! Hoop earrings with czech fire polished faceted crystals.  These had a necklace to match but I forgot to photograph it before it went to it's new home!! - oops!

My pendant created for me! With my birthstone, Turquoise!!

Donna Spadafore designs.
I don't recall where I got this design from - free on the web somewhere!!

I have also been busy writing a tutorial.  You dont realise how bad your hands are until you see them under macro photography!! ha ha  Really should have waited until the day AFTER I took photos for the Tutorial to stain the garden fences etc!

I have just arranged with a local Hall to show my work in the gift shop.  They are opening for Easter and .....IM NOT READY!!!!!!!  Some late night vigils ahead I feel!
Best go now and hope my inspiration can keep awake with me!!

Take Care..

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