Saturday, 14 May 2011

.....and breath.....

After a recent meeting with a lovely lady at a Holistic Therapy suite the opportunity has arisen for me to display some of my work!!
I have done lots of investigations into the sources of my stones/crystals recently to ensure they are as ethically sourced as is possible.  After a fair bit of educating whilst researching I WILL pay more attention to my sources!!!

As a result of this new sales venue along with a few others I will be very busy creating over the next few weeks.

Some of my work can now be found at the gorgeous Somerleyton Hall: 

There are also shows and fairs, I can honestly say I never thought I would be in a position where I would be worried I may not have enough pieces ready!! ha ha

I (and my other half!!)  have spent alot of time this last few weeks changing around the layout of the 'stables'.  He named it the stable because the doors inside are halved!!! I don't keep horses, they scare me!!! Have you seen the size of their teeth!! ha ha

The 'stables' measure 36 x 12 and I am so tempted to use the 12 x 12 middle section as a studio!!!  It has lots of natural light and is very spacious and airy.  Great idea in the summer but Im wondering if come the winter time I may regret it.  My other half says it could be damp and what about my tools!?

All of the work on the stables has meant that the chickens and the rabbits have more room.  They are all sharing happily!!

Charlie and Frosty

Sophie and Whinston

Pom and Rosey!! - There is a little story to this one!!  When Pom (the Poland hen) was very young she became ill and I place her with Rosey for the night for warmth.  To be honest I wasn't expecting her to make it through the night!  She did and they lived happily together ever since!!  After putting them into their new enclosure with the others I wondered if their friendship would dwindle.  I am really happy to say that they can often be found together, especially at sleep time!!!

This is Dragons Blood Jasper in a Lisa Barth design Pendant.

'South West' (Thanks Amy!!)

This is a Dyed shell Horseshoe Pendant designed by KS Jewellery

This is a DianaE designed setting for the Swarovski rivoli.  I have adapted it to add the citrine chips.

'Iced Berries'
This is a Selenite Crystal point with gorgeous rich Garnet drops. (I love garnet!!)

This too is a Dragons Blood Jasper.  I have set it in a netted Bezel learnt from an Eni Oken Tutorial a while back.  Decorated with garnets (mmm!) and (big intake of breath) Czech Fire Polished faceted beads!

'Royal Purple'
Named so because if you hold this up to the light it has the most gorgeous deep purple colouring!
This is Blue John, sandwiched in a netted bezel and decorated with wire.

Blue John can only be found in one place - the Derbyshire Hills to find out more you may wish to visit:

'Pie Crust'
This was produced as a result of a great Tutorial - Thanks Ros!
I love Copper and Green together and so chose Turquoise for the 'pie' filling and peridot for the necklace.

The Hammered Heart clasp is my own design and I am please to say the Tutorial is now available!

Along with creating and re-arranging animal living space I am re-organising my Etsy store which is now currently empty!!

Off now to buff and polish marks from one piece and finish two others!!!

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.
George Matthew Allen

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