Monday, 18 July 2011

It's a long one!

Phew! Thank crunchie it's Monday!!

What a hectic weekend! My other half couldn't wait to get back to work - 'for a rest'!!  As you may or may not know we currently have our house on the market.  The estate Agents rung us last week to tell us we had some potential buyers arriving Friday night at 7pm.  Little did I know that my other half had decided to take the afternoon of Friday off to decorate one of the bedrooms!!!  Why, you may ask?  Well my 14 year old daughter and my 9 year old daughter, who incidently, dislike each other immensely have real problems keeping their bedrooms tidy.  My other half had been threatening for several months that if they didn't tidy up their acts they would both be in one room, where they could fester in their own mess!!!  Up until Friday my 2 year old daughter had been sharing with my 9 year old, but it was getting ridiculous.  A compass in my foot after braving life and limb to go in and open the curtains was the last straw!! Two of the offspring were collected by their nan nan and dissapeared off for a day and night of complete spoiling and with  just two hours before the perspective buyers were to arrive the whole of the upstairs was in total chaos!!!!
With stress levels having peaked and on the descent, a quick one two with my new Dyson - the bally one, very good too!! - the four of us that still remained in the house took up positions as if we had been relaxing all day long ready for the impending visit!!!  7pm came and went, 7.30pm came and went and it became clear no-one was coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 8pm we left the house to drive 45minutes down the coast for some of the best fish and chips to be found!!!.

After fish and chips we walked along the beach and threw stones into the sea, I found the strangest stone.

It has, what looks like the opening to a cave with flint clearly visible!!

It is VERY rounded.

There are lots of small holes, I wonder what could have caused them?  At the bottom where you can see some of the surface of the stone has gone it is exposing what can only be describe as hard sponge like matter.  It has lots of tiny holes in it.  It also doesn't weigh what you would expect a piece of flint of this size to weigh it is very light!!! Any ideas????
I picked up some other stones too, shortly to become jewellery!!

Saturday was an interesting day, with several near death experiences!!  A three hour drive each way in torential rain to pick up some display cabinets for my jewellery!!  Having been involved in a car crash a few years ago I am now the worlds worst passenger!!  I do not know how my foot didn't penetrate the floor, the amount of time I braked!! ha ha
They are over 6 foot tall and have 9 shelves each!!
The fuuniest part of the whole day was when we had to stop for a wee stop for my other half, Kev and my son, Deaglan.  At each approach to every layby they were analysing whether the trees would provide enough cover from the road....could they get over the fencing....was there a ditch the other side...... Eventually they settled on a 'suitable' location to pee!!!!  Kev got out first, as he wasn't encased by a two year old daughter and display cabinets!!  I saw him in my mirror find a suitable place to get over the fence and into the field before he dissapeared from sight.  Now, where we were parked the trees were a little thinner and I could see accross the field.  Seconds after Kev dissapeared from sight a thundering noise erupted wich became louder and louder.....until split seconds later a very long train went passed, parallel with the road!!! Ha ha ha ha  He hadn't considered needing cover from the other side!! ha ha ha.

Sunday we went to look at two houses, both were o'k but one of them inparticular I would love to become 'home' - We shall see!!!
Yesterday afternoon I managed to get back to creating.  My muse was resting so I followed a Tutorial by Rosamond Bain.

 A Calla Lily

I love working with copper sheet.  This Lily involved absolutely no soldering, or even annealing!

My Lily story:

About three years ago my grandfather passed away. The day after the funeral my mum had some flowers delivered to me to say 'Thank you' for being there for her. Needless to say these were lillies - they smelt lovely! I knew the dangers but given the circumstances didn't want to discard them. I decided to keep them in the lounge, with the door shut so that my special little man couldn't get to them. The next day somebody left the door open. I took the children to school and when I returned - only half an hour later I realised what had happened. I called the vets and told them my suspicions (some vets haven't heard of lily poisoning!!). My vet told me he would make some calls to see what the best course of action was and to bring Mojo straight in. I did. Five days laters after being on an iv drip to try to flush the poisoning out and over £300 later (I'd have spent the same again to keep him) I received a call to say he was suffering and wasn't going to recover. I rushed to the vets as fast as I could so as not to make him suffer any further, and held him while he was put to sleep. Every time I pass the flower stand at the supermarket I wish I had chosen to give them to someone without cats - or even bin them. I had a choice, Mojo didn't. Incidently there is a warning on Lillies in most supermarkets it is the size of a Postage stamp and who would think to look?!!! I now take comfort in the fact that I may be preventing the same thing happening to someone elses special friend and tell anyone that will listen!! I have been known to make a dash accross the supermarket to inform people who are clutching a bunch!

RIP My little man! x

As I went out to photograph the cabinets I took some pics along the way:
My Froggy must have plopped into the water but I think the sidea are too high for him to get out.

It has been raining all day so the ground is wet!! I have taken him from the water feature.  Last seen heading for the pond!!

Mr and Mrs Pigeon having afternoon siesta on the lawn.  They have been with us for several years and always raise their young in the same tree!!

Back on the jewellery theme I intend to be making lots over the next few weeks (I have two cabinets to fill!!) so there should be lots more waffle about that and less of my personal exploits!!

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
William Arthur Ward


Christine said...

Glenda Dear,
What a weekend you had! Reading your post made me laugh and cry. So hard to keep a clean house when prospective buyers may pop in but then to clean it and not have them dare they!!
The passing train story is priceless.
I look forward to seeing what you create to fill your new display.

From personal experience, daughters do grow up to get along and love one another!

Once again, as I said on JL, so sorry about your Grandpa and your Mojo. Losing with either is painful. You did a grand job with Ros' lily.
Thanks for sharing you made my day!
Happy Creating!

Christine said...

Forgot to add...very cool piece you found on the beach. Wonder what made the holes??

JCIC said...

Hi Christine!!

It did take awhile for me to stop laughing after the train had gone by!!ha ha
The two girls surprised us! We thought they would be at each others throats, however they united against us and sat up talking for hours the first night they shared the room!!

I would love to find out what made the holes too, its a very interesting piece!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Glenda x