Sunday, 23 October 2011

Beady Adventures!

Left it too long again haven't I?!!  Rather a lot has been happening - all at once, as always!  I am now set up in my studio at the local art centre(Did I tell you that already?).  Good job I have more than one of each tool.  This means I am equipped at both the studio and at home.  You never know when you might have a brain wave, but you can guess it will be in the small hours!!  I have had a couple of special orders for Christmas so they are nearing the top of my priority list.
For the last few weeks I have been battling the beads!! - seed beads!!  Each time I have a go I end up with as many on the floor as there is on my desk!!!  Is it because I am only at beginner stage or is this just the side effects of working with these little blighters?!  I'm quite sure my keyboard can't take any more sneaking their way in behind the keys.  Soon it will be jammed! Nothing a gentle tap (with the rawhide mallet!) won't cure Im sure!! ha ha

The first project I embarked upon was a Peyote Stitch bracelet by Good River.  Not even knowing Peyote stitch before purchasing this Tutorial, it was a great help. The bracelet itself isn't wonderful, but I think of it as a 'befriending' the beads experience!!

The first version had a much smaller clasp on.  After some helpful advice (sometimes you cant see the wood for the trees can you?!) I added one of my heart clasps.  Much chunkier and more fitting!!

My second Beady adventure is still work in progress.  I have to buy some braid and elastic. 

Again, the third 'Beady' project is incomplete.  I have been working on it today and hope to finish it tomorrow!  This was created using a Tutorial kindly sent to me by Jackie at Feelingstone Gifts.

Working with the beads has been very enjoyable - even when I superglued my fingers and kept snapping needles!!! - but I do miss the wire!!  Especially the Sterling silver wire that arrived last week and has been calling ever since!! I'm so excited to use it that I am sure I'm going to botch whatever I try! ha ha

I also have two tutorials at various stages of completion.  One is for a pair of earrings - a very basic pair - and the other is for a pendant.

I have so many things incomplete my other half would have a fit if he knew!!!  He has to write a timetable and schedule of events if we even go out for the day(Grrrrr)!!!  We are off to Whitby next weekend - for Halloween.  We will visit the Abbey where Brahms Stoker is said to have gained inspiration for his book 'Dracula'.  I hope to get lots of pictures of the Gothic Abbey with a view to bagging lots of inspiration for my silver wire, we'll see!!!

A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.
- Edgar J. Mohn

Thanks for reading, and for your proverbial kicks up the derriere!!  Keep them coming, heaven knows I need them every once in a while!!

Thanks Guys!!


Christine said...

Hey Glenda, So happy to see you back on your blog as you have been missed! Looks like you are conquering the seed beads. All of your projects look good. I especially like the awesome cuff and the cab. Well Done. I warned you they love to escape and be free.

Great news about 2 studio set ups you lucky lady!

Looking forward to seeing what Inspirations you have after your travel adventure.

JCIC said...

Thank you Christine!!

Your comments and support really are appreciated! x

I have to admit I really enjoyed doing the cuff. I think I will have a go at another one, this time I'm going to try really hard not to stick to any 'pattern'. I have a real job with 'freeform' beadwork - if there is such a thing!! ha ha

Take Care

Tela Formosa said...

Hey, Glenda! Glad to see you back. Guess I know what you've been up to. Seed beading is a whole new challenge! The bracelet and cab are awesome! You are definitely doing it right, girl. :) The clasp is smashing with the bracelet.

2 studios! That's awesome. I wish you the best of luck at your booth. I can see by your etsy that you are selling pieces, too. Awesome!

JCIC said...

Thanks Tela!
It's always nice to get compliments from such talented people!!

As for Etsy, if you look a ittle further you will see that it's actually me making purchases!! ha ha Kathy keeps tempting me with rocks from her store Opal Dragons Caverns and I just bought some faux Howlite (with sparkly glitter!!) from Jkay's Etsy store! Some day soon I hope to play with them!!
Oh dear I waffled on again!!

Good Luck with your ventures also!

Glenda x