Friday, 24 May 2013

A picture update.........................

I rarely have enough time to write everything I would like. Mainly because I do like to run on!!  I have realised that this is why I don't write here as often as I should.  When I get a little time, like now for instance I think to myself "I know I shall post on my blog"! Quick as a flash I answer myself " You haven't got enough time do it later" The trouble is there is never enough time later either!!

So I have decided that on these occasions at least if I add some pictures of recent pieces it at least shows the world (Toddler picture book style!)that I am still creating!

I am still working to get the likes on my facebook page too 100! Nearly there now.  Once we arrive I shall be choosing a name at random to win the Goldstone and Swarovski pendant pictured on the top of the following link:

For now, some pictures:
Handpainted Pengy on Beach Pebble

Gorgeous Kakortokite

Stag at Dusk on Beach Pebble

Whitby Jet

Shell and Freshwater Pearls

Seaglass and Tourmaline Quartz

Local Seaglass (from the most Easterly point of England) with Baby Pink Freshwater Pearls

Local Seaglass and Garnets
Thanks for taking the time to get this far down the page. 
Sending all my thoughts and prayers to the family of the soldier that was murdered in cold blood on the streets of London this week.

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