Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Snowflake Jasper and Carnelian Pendant

ALL NUMBERS NOW GONE!! - Will be drawn at 5.30pm GMT. 14/10/2013

I know when I am looking around and I see something I would love to own a million reasons for not buying it pop into my head ...The children need this or what about the phone bill? or .......lots and lots of reasons NOT to buy something for me.  SO I got to thinking,  how could people who wouldn't necessarily buy something for themselves have a chance to own it?  This is my masterplan!! 

Above is my Snowflake Jasper and Carnelian Pendant wrapped In copper.  To the right of this post you will see a PayPal button. This is how you go about purchasing your chance to win.  There are 20 'tickets' available numbered 1 - 20 (£1 Which is, depending on the exchange rate, around $1.70) The first person that enters will be given number 1, the second 2 and so on.  You can purchase more than one ticket! Upon receipt of your payment your number will be emailed to you and added to the list below. Please leave a message with your payment if you DO NOT want your name added here and provide me with an alias i.e Mickey Mouse!! Once all tickets are sold I will use to choose the winner and post a screenshot.  There will be no postage to pay. 

1 - Caterine Rosenblum.
2 - Jane Brousseau
3 - Tammi Iamarino
4 - Annukka 
5 - Linda Lewis Paul
6 - Sue
7 - Karon Lewis
8 - Jane Brousseau
9 - Tracy Teeple Dodson
10 - Samantha Crawford
11 - Linda Lewis Paul
12 - Jennifer Rodrigues
13 - Robert Paul McRoberts
14 - Jennifer Rodrigues
15 -  Jennifer Rodrigues
16 - Tammi Iamarino
17 - Linda Lewis Paul
18 - Jennifer Rodrigues
19 - Linda Lewis Paul
20 - Clair Hubbard

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