Monday, 29 November 2010

Ok I have finally gone and done it!

Well, Here it is!  I have been saying (mentally) for some time now that I must set up a Blog and I have finally gone and done it!!  It has taken me a while to get it set up and get the settings as I want them - for the time being anyway!!  I get bored very easily - much to my partners concern!! - so I'm sure it will change frequently!
As this is the first post I am torn between trying to bring you up to date with where I am at with my jewellery adventure and risk putting you to sleep or literally just pitching in with the here and now and proceeding from there.........OK after much thought I have decided to go with the here and now!!
What started out as a relatively normal desk with the token model car to aspire to (its an Audi TT, although in all honesty I'm not so sure any more!) mini fish tank (bought from China - and it WORKS!!) Crazy cat Woman ornament (I do have the odd furry feline friend!!)mouse mat complete with my sons 'in action' photo on the football pitch and of course the coaster to put ones mug of tea (one day I will actually drink a whole cup!!)on has slowly evolved into what I would like to call a work space, however due to total lack of space these days it should probably be referred to as work area!!  The desk is now laden with Five large units which each hold 31 drawers of various 'goodies'.  I should also point out that alot of these drawers are split into three length ways too!!  I don't believe you have too many beads or crystals!!  I have three large shelves absolutely full of reference books, tools, stands....I also now have screwed the the bottom of the bottom shelf and within easy reach a long 'pole', for want of a word that could glamorise it slightly!! It contains all of my wires.  One day when it is almost presentable I will post a photograph!!  We went to Scotland this year and I couldn't help fill my pockets when we visited Loch Lommond, they weren't big pockets!!!  My partner and children were picking up, just anything and throwing it into the water whilst bellowing "watch this skim"!!!  Several times I almost followed the 'skimmer' into the water fearing it was a prime specimen for a piece of jewellery!!!  That said I found some gorgeous sea glass, or maybe I should refer to it as Loch glass!!!  While we were at the Loch I took some photographs of my find if you take a look at my header and intro you will see it in the background.  I tend to over buy and so it can take me quite a while to get around to using my purchases/finds!!! One can never have too many!! I keep telling my other half that every time he gently states " Do you think it might be a good idea to stop buying now" To which I not so gently remind him that I never ask questions when he buys another fixing implement for his toolbox!!!
Just lately I have been making alot of netted Bezel Pendants - as pictured below.  It's a brilliant way of framing almost anything into a pendant.  I really have the bug now!!

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