Wednesday, 22 December 2010

3 Days to go......................................

O'k so I have it on good authority (E-bay!!) that there are three days to Christmas.  Nothing like a reality check EVERY time you look at your computer monitor to add juuust a little more pressure!!  All special orders have now been posted so, as far as that pressure is concerned I feel truly enlightened!!!  Now for closer to home.  Luckily all the last minute supplies I have ordered have arrived and I actually have a fair patch of the day free today which I have allocated for 'creating' and can I feel the slightest drop of inspiration running through my veins? ....Of course not!!!!!
Among the supplies which arrived the other day were some stunning 14mm Swarovski Rivolis which, by the way I have found to be extremely hard to get in this country - Any suggestions greatly received.  They are absolutley stunning.  I have framed one and am relatively happy with it.

My ever patient other half made me yet another custom tool the other day!!  It has attached a mini vice, watch makers anvil and lots of pins set at equal distance for a specific wirework pattern that I will embark upon soon!!  The pictures shows it before the pins were inserted!!

I used the mini anvil to hammer the piece below - I have called it The Fairy Garden.

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