Thursday, 3 February 2011

Good News...

Well, there's good and there's bad!!!  I didn't get my diamond drill bits today (that's the bad!), I ran out of time.  It's first on my list of jobs for tomorrow!  The good news is: I have an appointment with a local Arts Centre who I am hoping are going to display some of my work (fingers crossed!).  They also have some studios available for rent.  I am going along next week to takes some of my pieces (must make MORE!!) and to look around the studios on offer.  I am thinking about taking one on so that I can offer workshops.  For now I need to concentrate on making some new pieces to take with me.  A variety I think!!

These are my 'little helpers' taking a break - It's tough at the top!! Vienna on the left and Loki on the right.

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