Thursday, 3 February 2011

Oh dear!! Been so busy I have already let the Blog slide a little..

I have slapped my wrist and I am back with an update. So, whats been happening?

I have been up to the beautiful Peak District again and come home with  a bag of Blue John!!! - Love it!!  I have made a few pendants up...

NOW SOLD - Returning 'Home' to Derbyshire!!

Today I will concentrate on some Valentine theme pieces, it's only a stones throw away (pun intended!)
My workspace is an absolute mess and I must blitz it before I can begin to do anything else.  Mental note must order wire. I also need some some diamond drill bits to turn some of my beads into stones. I am hoping to put a few basic wirework demonstartion videos together soon too!

Another piece I have recently finished is my 'King Julian'!! It's a Labradorite Lemur........!
I will be back soon with my latest pieces. 

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