Sunday, 6 February 2011

Morning dash to the Beach

I love hearing the birds first thing in the morning, it kind of sets me up for the day!!  This morning whilst letting the hens out (cockerels have to have a lie in, they are too noisy!!) it became obvious it was going to be a stunning sunrise!!  Luckily I was already dressed - I have been known to complete the dash in PJ's!!!  With everyone else still in bed I grabbed the car keys and drove as fast as I safely could.  By the time I got there (a whole 2 mins, and that was only because a traffic light was red!!)  The best of it was gone, as I was told by a passing dog walker (Grrrr!) I managed to get some gorgeous pictures never-the-less.  As I stood snapping away I noticed another photographer further along on the sand.  I chuckled to myself wondering if he had completed a mad dash too!!!

Back home, our very apt sign.................................................

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