Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My glimmer of inspiration has melted!!

I wasn't going to post until later.  But I MUST just share something with you in case I forget.  My bench is in a mess I have been desperately trying to ensure I have enough items for my appointment with the Arts Centre tomorrow.  What doesn't help is the fact that I am my own worst critic and so far I have nothing because I keep finding things I am not happy with in each of my pieces!!!  That has led me to  "I shall make some more".  The trouble with that is; the moment the pressure is on I end up with a one way ticket to Mental Blocksville!!!  So I currently have nothing I am happy with to take with me!!!   Anyway, true to form I went off on a slight tangeant there - apparently artistic people do that!!!! ha ha - whilst sitting staring blankly, I noticed further along the desk a brown nobbly 'stone', the shape of which was really quite pleasing!!  I do have rather alot out at the moment - trying to make happy combinations!! - but I should at least remember buying/collecting it!!! Picking it up for closer inspection I realised what it was............the remains of my 20month olds penguin biscuit!!!!!!ha ha So the only glimmer of inspiration I have had today was over a second hand chocolate biscuit!! Oh dear!

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