Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Anyone seen my muse?.............................

I just had to have these freshwater pearls when I saw them.  The colours and lustre are just yummy and I love that they are all different!!  I also bought several strands of labradorite, chips and rounds too.  I love labradorite.
...and there's more...peridot, mookaite, amethyst, jade, lapis and more pearls!!!  Think I may have got a little carried away!!
  Would you believe I have had a relatively free day today and I have sat surrounded by all of these stones and pearls and lots more with metres and metres of wire and done absolutely nothing!!  My muse has gone again!! I think because she knows I have a fair to go to on Sunday and she doesn't 'do' pressure!!!  I got so annoyed with myself for wasting time I abandoned ship and did some gardening!! I took my camera out with me in case my muse returned!!

Tomatoes, Cucumber and....oh dear I have forgotten!! (bottom, middle!)

Chives - would love to create something like this in wire!!

Love the purple with the green!

Marigold Cab!!

A visit to the chicken coop provided a lovely surprise!

I think there are seven teeny babies but they are sticking so tight to their mummy it's not confirmed yet! ha ha

When I said 'kitten food' this isn't really what I had in mind!!  They are all doing well, driving their mum mad with their surprise attacks and obsession with swinging on her tail!!

After lunch I prepped some copper earrings ready for etching tomorrow.  Once the solution has been used, after a 24 period has passed it has to be thrown away.  So I now have to be sensible and do several pieces at once.  One at a time is a little rash!!

I did make a couple of pieces last night.......

This was made using some preknitted wire.

Made with some of the new freshwater pearls!

Those that make the best use of their time have none to spare.
Thomas Fuller


Auf Draht - Schmuck aus Draht und Steinen said...

Your muse hasn't come back yet? Or is she busy at Jewellery shows selling your stuff?

Any new piccies of the kitties or the chicken?

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenda! I miss you! Just checking in to see what you are up to. I hope you are making lots of lovelies!
tela dot formosa at g mail dot com feel free to email :)