Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mmmmm...all that wire!!!

If somebody had said to me, even five years ago that I could get sooo excited over wire I would have thought they were crazy!!!  My wire arrived yesterday and I was like a child in a sweetie shop!! ha ha ha

I had a go for the first time with the PCB etchant that arrived a few days back.  I only had a thick marker pen so I didn't worry too much about precesion, just wanted to see if it would REALLY work!!, and it does!!  How cool is that.  I rushed out at around 10pm last night to get some fine markers!!!  Im so excited - I love drawing! Im hoping I can combine drawing and copper jewellery to create something awesome!  All these ideas floating around my head and I have to go out for the day again today!!  Oh well, it will be lovely company and great food so I will have to turn the muse tap off (but not too tightly!!) for the day!
Nothing about this ring is great but it proved it works (which of course it would people have been doing it for years! ha ha just wanted to see for myself!) so I am happy with it!!!

I also had a go at wrapping the Turitella yesterday.  It's o'k but I think I will redo it!  The picture isn't great either. 

On a totally seperate subject my car has been sold!!  It was a sad day to see 'Dinkie' go!!!  It's o'k she has been replaced with 'PJ' (Puddle Jumper!) the same sort of car only in orange and I have begun ordering the decals!!! - much to my other halfs disgust.  My thirteen year old daughter is incredibly embarrased by me and Im not allowed near her school!! ha ha!

I'll introduce you to PJ soon!!

The man of wisdom is never of two minds;
the man of benevolence never worries;
the man of courage is never afraid.


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