Friday, 20 May 2011

Yuk, don't like paperwork!! Want to make!!

I placed an order for 450 metres of wire this morning!! I may have got a tad carried away!!  I also ordered myself the long overdue light tent!  Yippee, can't wait for it to arrive!
I spent a fair amount of the morning on the telephone confirming dates and reserving tables for up coming fairs and fetes.  That done I am fast running out of weekends for the next few months!!  I had a good tidy up of my work area and the rumours were right, underneath all of the wire and beads, amongst other things is a very nice (except the occasional mark!!) pine desk!!!  Having seen my desk clean for the first time in a long time the urge to get myself organised took over!!  I have been meaning to start using my pricing calculator 'software' for a while, just haven't got around to it.  Today I decided, was the day.

It's nothing expensive or posh but it works  I had got a couple done when my other half came in from work I mentioned how it was in dollars and that there were a few things I would have liked to have had included within in.  Two hours later I had my very own version, in £ which he had created for me in Excel!!  It's going to be a long road but I have decided to enter all of my pieces into it so that I can ensure consistency in pricing whilst creating an inventory along the way.

*Fell asleep writing the above, slipped into automatic pilot and went to bed!!! It's morning now!!*

I didn't make or even mend anything yesterday.  Just lots of paperwork!  Im hoping to get alot filled in on the inventory today. 

On a slighter different level, as the mornings are getting lighter so much earlier the cockerals are crowing sooo early!!  Last year around this time they had there own small pens just to sleep in which I covered over to keep it darker for them longer, They don't crow in the dark!!!  Otherwise I fear Im going to have half the neighbourhood knocking on my door one morning!!!
I don't have any new pictures to add so I thought I would share a picture of my mechanics toolbox.  My other half has fitten a wooden top and put sides and a back onto it!!  I love the fact it's on wheels, on sunny days I go into the conservatory!!  It's in the kitchen here by a very large window overlooking the garden.  You will see Loki is in position on 'his' radiator keeping an eye on his mummy!!!  If you look closely you will see some glue on the top.   I don't use glue I kind of see it as cheating in a way!! Just my opinion!! ha ha  It was out because I had been glue faux leather to make some display stands!!

And now to enter each piece into the jewellery calculator/inventory......

You cannot plough a field by
turning it over in your mind.

Author Unknown

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