Friday, 9 September 2011

Focused and Excited........................

Everything seems to have come together over the last few weeks and I'm very excited!!  The children have gone back to school after the summer break and I have been doing some serious re-evaluating!  ....who am I kidding I tend to act on impulse and then think later!! ha ha ha  This time though I think it has worked in my favour!  I have decided this morning after a very dissapointing incident, that I will be concentrating alot more on my blog and a whole lot less on building empires for others!! ha ha
No more Mr. Nice Guy! ha ha ha
Anyway, the vision consists of reviews of tools/wire, cleaning of metals, methods in making... etc.  Tutorials, both in written and video format.  I will be investigating the uses of youtube later today for this purpose.  I have a studio waiting for me and the time to spend there whoop whoop!

I want to thank those that follow - even when the pace is slow!! I'm upping the tempo so grab those running boots and start warming up!! ha ha...................


Christine said...

Glenda, Very excited to see what the future will hold here on your blog! Always feels good to connect. Thanks for being in cyber world!

JCIC said...

Thanks Christine!

Your support is so appreciated!

Glenda x

Tela Formosa said...

Glenda! You go girl! I can't wait to see what you come up with. You have such a creative mind and upbeat spirit, I'm sure you'll do very well! I'm so glad you are turning such a disappointing lemon into lemonade. :)

JCIC said...

Thanks Tela!

I'm very excited!! Lemonade anyone? - Cheers!

Glenda x

Auf Draht - Schmuck aus Draht und Steinen said...

Glenda, I don't know what happened, but I hope to enjoy the Lemonade ;-). I'd be only too glad to read more of your blog. I love your lively style and the mix of jewellery with the occasional animal story. It's just like being there!

All the best for your creative and otherwise endeavours!

JCIC said...

There's plenty of Lemonade Renate and you are very welcome to as much as you can drink!!

Thank you for the 'positive-ness'!!
It really does help!

Glenda x