Saturday, 10 September 2011

My wire source, weeds, Crumpet and a FREE Tutorial!

I have spent the morning weeding the very over grown drive.  We have had so much rain this summer everything is so green and BIG.  As a result my hands are disgusting - was contemplating writting a Tutorial this weekend too ha ha

Today I thought I would share with you my main source for wire  It's a wire workers paradise with so many different sorts and gauges, raw and non-tarnish (coated).  All I would say is if you are wanting raw read the description carefully so as not to accidently purchased the coated - Doh, yep I did it  ha ha ha
Shipping is FAST, I ordered one day and it arrived the next  Therefore, even if you are over seas I don't think you will find you will have to wait very long.  I have NEVER had a problem with the quality if I had I certainly wouldn't be telling you about them.  Also I guess I should say I'm not affiliated to them in any way. So, grab your credit card and go see.

You may have noticed a few changes to the layout of my Blog.  I will be working on improving it over the next few weeks - all feedback/advice greatly received.

 After a recent delve into the Anglo-saxons I have written a tutorial showing how to make a braid dating back to this period! - It's FREE

Hopefully if my research and limited technical skills have paid off you should be able to see it below

Ancient Braid Tutorial

Next on my list for research is to find out how, once I have received payment for a Tutorial I can ensure it is sent automatically!

I will also be adding a list of Interesting Blogs/Sites here soon, any reccommendations, I'm all ears.

That's luchtime over, Rolo ice cream was good. I have a very unruly garden and some furry friends waiting for my attention.

My cutie - Crumpet


Tela Formosa said...

Hi Glenda :) I like the new look of the blog and I'm really impressed with your tute! Thank you, I'm gonna try that. What an adorable little baby, too!

Christine said...

Glenda, Thank you for the free tutorial, it looks well written and should be easy to follow. I am going to give it a try with my pliers! Your new blog looks great. I am looking forward to reading more. Crumpet is adorable!

JCIC said...

Thank you Tela!!
The braid is very simple, like finger knitting with two fingers really!!
Crumpet sends his bunny nuzzles!
Glenda x

JCIC said...

If there is anything within the Tut that isn't clear or you think could have been done better, please give me a shout!!
Crumpet says "hello"!
Glenda x

Auf Draht - Schmuck aus Draht und Steinen said...

Glenda, thank you for the well written free tutorial! I've registered at scribd so that I can download. Nifty technology, looks very useful.
I have the gardener's hate of rabbits, but even I have to admit this little Crumpet is cute.
(I like all kinds of animals, but we have a serious overpopulation of wild rabbits in our area, and they are in my garden, too. They are the ultimate plant-killer munching machines. They even go for the thorniest rose-stems. I've just ordered a considerable length of rabbit fence, and very soon my garden will probably look like a wire model of Fort Knox. Waaah!)

JCIC said...

'Plant-killer munching machines'!! ha ha

Although I am laughing I do sympathise with you. Luckily we don't live rural enough for them to pester us - although we do have a fox who visits regularly for a smell of the unobtainable menu!!
At least you will have your garden bunny proofed shortly! - Bless them! You better warn your neighbour they may all turn up there! ha ha
Thanks for your support!
Glenda x