Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bit of everything!

This post will be a bit of a mish mash of things!!  After my last post I realised I left several things out that I wanted to share!!

On our recent trip away I took some photographs of an RAF plane doing 'touch and go's' .This is where they fly in a circle, land and then take off straightaway again.  We pulled off the main road and into a 'veiwing area' where there were lots of people armed with cameras.  The best part for me was, when the plane croseed (very low!) over the road! Cars were stopped by an automated level crossing identical to that which you would have at a railway crossing!!

We also passed  RAF Scampton home of the world famous Red Arrows

I have now got around to photographing my Whitby jet. Following this link will provide you with lots of interesting info on it!

The piece above has a belemite fossil within it.  The gentleman I was speaking to had planned to make it into a bracelet but had change his mind and so said I could have it!!  It even has holes drilled in it!

He also gave to me the pieces above.  Aparently they will polish up great with some jewellers rouge?  We'll see!

When we arrived home my two year old daugher asked in a sad tone why our pumpkin didn't have a face!!! Poor thing has only ever seen a pumpkin with a face and so I think she must think this is how should be!! A little later I carved him one and she was very happy!!  This was when I had a light bulb moment.  I have taken all of the seeds out and washed them.  They sat drying over night and I have put some in food colouring today.  Whether the colour will run once they are out and dry I shall have to see!! If so I guess I can varnish/laquer them.  There will be sooo many pumpkins at rediculously low prices I may need to go out and buy in bulk!!!

Food colouring is just something I had to hand.  I will have to investigate other colouring means.  Next time I am in the supermarket I plan to take a slow walk down the nuts and seeds aisle to see what I can use!!  I wonder how fresh nuts would stand the test of time?

I have waffled lots today, I shall leave you now!

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is the present.
Treat it as a gift.


Christine said...

Glenda, Thanks for sharing more of your journey. A bit eerie to think of the planes flyong so low.
Intersting learning baout the Whitby Jet. How cool to have an ancient specimen in one of your pieces. I look forward to seeing whsat you create with these beauties.
Happy to hear your pumpkin received a proper face! I use black walnuts in my baskets ao think there are a lot of items out there just waiting to be made into something else.

Tela Formosa said...

Loved hearing about the rest of your trip. Especially about the Whitby Jet. I have always wanted some. It's hard to get across the pond. You were lucky to find such a generous soul. :)

Your pumpkin project is really cool, too- you'll have to keep us posted.

JCIC said...

They were REALLY low Christine and they were moving so slowly it looked as thought they call fall out of the sky any moment!! Hmmm walnuts, I shall add those to my shopping list! ha ha x

JCIC said...

He was a lovely man Tela! Currently the seeds are drying (very slowly!) Once the colouring is dry I will see how water resistant they are and then varnish if needs be! x