Saturday, 3 December 2011

........and breath!

Phew! ....I have been stretched in so many different directions of late I have felt like one of those little rubber men with the stretchy rubber arms and legs.  Even they snap eventually with too much pullling!!

I haven't snapped, either physically or mentally and I have acomplished a fair bit!!

Ironically, one of the pieces I have created during this chaos was Eni's Chaos Pendant  

Honey Jade and Amazonite

Wasn't sure at first whether to go ahead and bead the border...

Threw caution to the wind and thought What the heck!! This is the outcome!

I think my mum has decided she would quite like this for her Christmas present!

Amber and Crystal
The basis of this was created From Diana Esporiso's  Compass Rivoli Tutorial 

Garnet and Copper
My latest Hot Air Balloon for which I have now started the Tutorial.

I have finally got around to creating a Fan Page on Facebook    Thought I had better at least try and keep up with the rest of the world!  I would love to see you there!  Unlike the Blog  it will more than likely just be a status update (daily hopefully)  with some pictures.  It is alot less time consuming than the Blog which means that even on busy days I will be able to share what's happening!!  If any of you have facebook please share your address with me so that I can keep up with you too!

I have also been spending my time developing my website  Your comments and feedback on which would be very much appreciated.  I have spent so much time looking at it I can barely see it anymore!! ha ha

I am also busy creating enough pieces for display for the Christmas season at the various locations my jewellery is displayed.

During all of this my other half in his infinite wisdon decided to modify a chop saw, designed to cut wood, on a bench, with a guard.  Thought he would improvise and use it to cut branches from some over grown trees in our garden!!  Needless to say (I had already warned him, but do they listen?!) he managed to put it straight accross his wrist!!  After a 100mph trip to the hospital, (which luckily is only 10 minutes away (at that speed anyway!)) a session in surgery he is now on the mend.  It turns out he was 2mm away from the vein and they have no clue how he didn't do any major permanant damage!  Well I can tell you all the permanant damage has been done to my mental state!! ha ha

We have only had a few frosts and winter has come very late this year.  We have stocked up on bales of hay and straw for the animals and I am happy to say they are all doing fine!!

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

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