Thursday, 19 January 2012

Happy New Year One and All!!

O'k so its nearly three weeks into the new Year but it is my first posting!!  So I get to say Happy New Year!!

What have I achieved so far this year?  Well, on a personal level I have almost set fire to the house (neighbours had to call me (I had gone out!), fire alarm going off, house completely full of smoke!! - Left chicken cooking on the hob!! oops!)  I have pulled over just before the offside front tyre of my van blew out!!  Other half and mechanic (!) says it was the most shredded tyre he has ever seen that hasn't blown!!!  Apparently it shredded from the inside out which is why nothing was visible!!  Then I lost my purse, complete with cards.  Obviously I called the bank straight away to cancel them.  Found my purse in the boot (!?) the next day!!  With cards already cancelled of course the only way I could get cash was to go into town - YUK!! Then a few days later I took Kev's car to Kentucky (mmmm, my favourite!!) and the clutch broke while I was parked in the layby waiting for food!!!  He had to come to rescue me once again!!  He says in all his years of fixing cars he has never seen a clutch snap off!! Ooops!!  Needless to say when  Friday the 13th arrived I stayed at home!!!!  I'm kind of hoping I have had a years worth of misfortune in the first few weeks and that things are going to get better!! ha ha

On the plus side:

I got myself a new (second hand actually, but only used twice!) Efco 110 Kiln.  I haven't got brave enough to have a go at the Art clay yet though.  I did have a go at enamelling.  Not as easy as I thought it would be!!

Before I started I read through a book that I had bought.  Read through the kiln instructions.  Made my own distilled water for the enamel!!

Whilst trawling the internet for pointers I found this fantasic video and had what I thought was an epiphany!!  I followed Abby Hook's Tutorial and completed my dragonfly wings.  Seen here resting on the hot kiln!

I then proceeded to create my 'masterpiece'! ha ha

That's the back wings done..............

and the front.......................

All that was left to do was fire them! Hmmm, why do I think that I am just going to be able to 'do' something after reading a few articles?!!  People go to college and spend hours being taught by qualified people!! ha ha

He went it the kiln and came out what is best described as fried!! ha ha  He has had a clean and I could clean him up a lot more.  Unfortunately there is little point as the kiln has softened him to a point where it would be impractical for him to become a piece of jewellery!!  How can I harden him up?  Can't hammer him!!!!  Don't know what the answer is!

I decided maybe I was being just a tad too ambitious and looked out the oak leaf I had cut out a while back (and then got bored!!) I chose autumn colours and had a go at enammeling this too. It didn't come out too bad and all was going well until.....again the heat seriously softened the copper and whilst cleaning off the back a portion of the leaf bent causing the enamel to break and flick off! Grrrr!

I also had a go at enamelling three copper washers.  Once out I moved one from the kiln shelf to cool elsewhere and it promptly spat enamel at me - the surface I put it on was cold!! Doh!! 
From the days activities I ended up with two enammeled copper washers!!!  One of which is below.

Sadly I am going to have to give in and read up a little more!!

Please take time to watch this video.  It is just awesome - I so wish I could create beautiful work like this!!

 I just want to show you my new tool stand that Kev made for me.  Im so pleased with it  It has two handy little shelves each side too! - and the making process!!

Et Voila!! 

I have had a few successes too!! Not all disaster.....

I created this using Tela's new Tutorial.  It's fantastic!!!

I could waffle on alot more but for those of you that have made it this far I think you have suffered enough! ha ha

Punctuality is the virtue of the bored
Evelyn Waugh

(In future I shall quote this everytime I'm running late!!!)



Tela Formosa said...

So sorry about you car adventures!! My daughter has had a few recently, too. It's aggravating and I see why you stayed i on the 13th!! LOL!

I enjoyed reading about your adventures with enamel. Maybe, the copper is just a good exercise for using silver later. :) Too bad about the dragonfly, he is really awesome!! I've been having a few setbacks with my new directions, too. All part of the learning process.

You already know that I think your heart is fabulous!!! Thanks for the shout out.


JCIC said...

Definately wasn't going to risk being out on the 13th!! ha ha Apart from anything it wasn't fair to impose the risk on the general public!! ha ha

I don't mind the set backs really as you say it's all part of learning!! Just have to think up another way around the problem!!

Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Glenda x

Saturday Sequins said...

Hey, Glenda!

I'm sorry that the kiln has been softening your pieces. But I'm sure you'll get the hang of it once you do a little more reading, and when you do, I'll be excited to see all the amazing things you create -- including more adorable dragon flies, I hope!

Christine said...

What a start to the New Year you have had! Wise move to stay in on the 13th as who knows what could have happened to you.

Congratulations on your new kiln and awesome work space. It takes time and set backs learning a whold new skill set especially when we are so eager to explore and create. The enamel washer is beautiful and goes to show you are going to have wonderous results. I look forward to seeing your creations. You did beautiful work with Tela's great tutorial.

I am so proud of you for continuing to learn and grow! Please stay safe.