Friday, 27 April 2012

An update.....................

So much has been happening, where to start.  In March was given the opportunity to turn a brick outbuilding into a studio.  It took a lot of work.  We started by emptying the rubbish that was being stored inside it.  We then cleaned the walls and painted them, mocha and lemon with one wall a brght happy yellow!  I should add at this pont that 'we' is myself , my mum and my partner!! At this time there was only one light, certainly not enough to work or display work in!!  Kev kindly added 4 strip lights and some halogen spots!! - Now we have plenty of light!! Next the floor was painted, 4 times!!! Bright yellow!!  I love yellow it is such a happy colour.  There was an existing shelf/table already there - held up with sleepers!  Looked very natural but the colour had to go.  It was green, not a nice green.  More shelves were put up and they were all painted a mocha colour.  My desk and tools were soon at home and the place filled wth lots and lots of locally handcrafted Arts and Crafts.

For several months there was no spare time for dong the things I love.  However once the studio opened on 1st April it gave me 5 days a week to create!

Some pictures of recent projects:

Antiqued buttons and Amber

Needlefelt Chihuahua - SOLD

Needlefelt Toadstool.  Corriedale Fleece and Angora Bunny fluff!

Needlefelt Hedgie. Jacobs Fleece

Playing with Polymer.

Needlefelt Westie.  Merino Fleece

In an effort not to burden you all with lots of pictures I will save some and make a concerted effort to add them soon!!!

Just in closing, the studio is situated to the rear of the Post Office in Somerleyton Suffolk(Postcode for Sat Navs: NR32 5PS).  If you are ever nearby it would be lovely to see you!


Necessity is the mother of invention



Christine said...

Glenda, You have been deeply missed. I am relieved to know all is well and you have been very busy creating this incredible studio space. It looks so inviting and full of creative ideas. Wish I could pop in but distance and mobility don't allow. Good Luck with this awesome space!

JCIC said...

Aw! Thank you Christine! I have missed all of my online friends too. There is lots of fantastic work in the stuidio, all from local artists/artisans. While I am 'manning the fort ' as it were I get to create. Can't ask for any more that that!! Such a shame you aren't closer - the same country would be a good start!!!

Thanks again Christine, your support is priceless!

Saturday Sequins said...

Glenda, what exciting news!!! The store looks beautiful and welcoming. If I were in the area, I'd definitely come visit. :)

JCIC said...

Thank you!! Again, a real shame you don't live closer!! I hope you are keeping well x