Thursday, 22 November 2012

Burning that candle again....

At nearly half past one in the morning I really shouldn't be writing this!!  I did promise myself that I would upload some pictures today and although technically it is tomorrow  I am going to do it! Tomorrow is a long time coming!

The first piece of jet to achieve 'jewellery' status!!

Gorgeous piece of amber with very clear gnat inclusion

My Leopardskin Jasper from Tela.

African Agate

Picture Jasper

Zebra Jasper

'Sheila' the Sheep grazing!

Feline jumper to keep your egg warm!

Multi colour stripes jumper egg cosy
Thanks for taking the time to indulge my muse!!

Happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have.

Hyman Schachtel



Anonymous said...

Hey Glenda :) I meant to get to you sooner, but we had out turkey holiday and all went out the window, that and I had a birthday, so now I am even older and more forgetful- LOL!

I'm always amazed at your versatility. They way you can easily transition between mediums is a wonder to me. You just follow that muse, girl!!!

I like that little leopardskin piece ;)


JCIC said...

Thanks Tela!!

Happy belated Birthday!! I had a Birthday too. I'm starting to realise that nothing can stop those hands of time and I'm feeling a little less like a Spring chicken! ha ha I do read your Blog it's just it's always such a drawn out process for me to leave a comment I have to authenticate and write the words that I see etc and then very often it doesn't let me!! Must be something Im doing. Now I have more time I'll have another go!

Keep well and thank you for your support! x