Friday, 15 February 2013

Good Morning......

the sun is shining and doesn't it make a difference to ones mental state!!  To a certain extent I would say that my mental state is past the point of no return but those warm happy rays certainly bring a smile!
I think I mentioned in the previous post that I was trying to push the Facebook route.  I have been a good girl and have kept on top of it.  It's easier than the Blogspot, if I just want to post one picture I can.  I have decided to use that as first port of call when my pieces are finished, so that is where they will appear first before moving on to the online shop and then possibly making an appearance here.  I have set a milestone of 100 likes.  Once I reach that I will be selecting one at random to receive the pendant below :
I am sure that most of you will know Gold stone is not actually a stone it is a man made glass, often mis-sold as a stone!  Although not a stone is does still have a magical air about it. The picture doesn't show it clearly but it is full of gold sparkle!!  For extra sparkle three swarovski crystals adorn the base of the bail.  For a chance to win this all you have to do is nip over to my Facebook page and 'Like' it!!!  There will be no Postage to pay it will be TOTALLY FREE!!  Steer friends, family, neighbours, people in the street - ok maybe that's a little extreme! -  in my direction too.  The quicker we get to 100 the quicker I will be mailing this out to the winner!
I had a crystal delivery a few days ago and so I am off to create!!

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you"
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Christine said...

Beautiful piece!! Happy to see you posting again as I have missed you.


JCIC said...

Aw Thank you Christine!! Great to hear from you! I hope you are well x