Wednesday, 2 October 2013

♥ Happy October! ♥

It would appear I have left it rather a long time again!!  So many balls to keep in the air at once as it were!

You may have noticed my new logo?  I am very happy with it.  My good friend Tammi created it for me.  She can be found here

First I shall share with you some pictures of some recent pieces.  I have finally made the rather scarey move across from plated wire to 925 Sterling wire and I am sooo please that I did!  Still using copper too!

Nuumite (The sorcerer's stone) wrapped in copper.

Whitby Jet with garnet wrapped in Sterling Silver

malachite/Chrysocolla wrapped using copper - SOLD

Serpentine wrapped in Sterling Silver

Plume agate wrapped in Sterling Silver

Australian Opalite with Sterling Silver

Birdseye Rhyolite wrapped with Sterling Silver 

Sterling Silver and Fancy Jasper

Chrysocolla and Copper with Hematite

Whitby jet and Sterling Silver
Didn't want to bombard you too much but if you would like to catch up on all my pieces and see what I am up to right now I would love to see you over on my Facebook page  If you head that way quick you will be just in time to join in the current Giveaway too!
I'm planning a little something new very soon watch this space for more details!!
"Buy the ticket, take the ride." -- Hunter S. Thompson

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Christine said...

Beautiful new creations! Your copper work is gorgeous and it is exciting to see the beauty of your new works in sterling. Well Done!